Terms and Conditions

  1. User (“You”, “Your”)
    A user of the service refers to any person of legal age, or minor who received the consent of their legal representative, which has registered on www.memo24.net and is using the Service.
  2. Recipient
    A recipient of the service is any natural person who receives a voice reminder/notification or an SOS alert (via email or short message service, i.e. SMS).
  3. Voice reminder and notification
    A voice reminder or notification, also called sms voice, is a telephone call that is placed and followed by a played sound message to a recipient. In the remainder of the document the word reminder and notification will be used interchangeably. Sending a reminder is meant as the action of placing a telephone call and playing a sound message.
  4. SOS alert
    In the event that the callee does not pick up or the call fails to reach the callee, the user can chose to send an SOS alert as an SMS or an email.
  5. Service
    Memo24 (“Memo24.net”, “We,” “Us,” “Our”) provides an online application to set up and send voice reminders and notifications. It allows the Users to enter the details of the voice reminder along with the recipient(s) details and to subsequently send this reminder based on a (repetitive) schedule. The service also sends predefined SMSes (short message service) and emails when the User choses to send SOS alerts. NOTE THAT THE SERVICE SHOULD NOT BE USED AS A REPLACEMENT FOR PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL CARE SERVICES.
  6. Registration and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
    By registering with www.memo24.net, the User agrees to these Terms and Conditions and to the Privacy Policy. Registration shall mean entering an email address, a password, and an optional full name with which usage and access to the Service can be granted. Memo24.net reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policy. If Memo24.net decides to make such (a) change(s), it will be amended to this document or to the Privacy Policy document and posted on the website www.memo24.net.
  7. Pricing and Payment terms
    • Pricing and pricing modalities for sending voice and SOS alerts can be found on www.memo24.net.
    • Memo24.net reserves the right to issue price changes in the event of (but not necessarily only) telecom operators’ price changes. Price changes will be advertised on www.memo24.net.
    • Memo24 reserves the right to change the list of countries and list of languages for which the User can set up a voice reminder.
    • Credits bought are non-refundable; i.e. once the User makes a payment to credit his/her account, then the User cannot claim back the money for unused credits.
  8. Suspension of service and cancellation
    Memo24.net may unilaterally terminate a User’s account without notice, by notifying the User by any means and without further formality, particularly in the following cases:
    • Attempted act of piracy to the website www.memo24.net or the Service, or the data they contain.
    • Impersonating a third party.
    • Violation of one or more terms of the current document.
    This clause eliminates the need for Memo24 to be held responsible, in front of a legal court, for any account termination.
  9. User’s responsibility
    The User is responsible for the use of the Service and shall not use the Service in conflict with the local law to which the User is subject and shall not misuse the Service for actions that can be regarded as fraudulent, illegal or unlawful.
    The User is not permitted to resell the Service.
    The User warrants that the information provided in connection with his/her registration for the Service is accurate and complete.
    The User is responsible for abiding by applicable local legislation with regard to processing of personal information and individual privacy when making use of the Service.
    The User must have prior authorization to send reminders to his/her recipients.
    The User is forbidden to use the Service for advertising or marketing purposes (unless otherwise agreed upon in writing), or any illegal, immoral or improper purpose. Memo24.net reserves the right to monitor, without notice, your use of our Service to insure your compliance with these terms and conditions.
    The Service is made available to the User for the intended use; it is not permitted to use the Service for other purposes. If The User does not use the Service in accordance with the intended use, Memo24.net reserves the right to terminate the User’s account at any time.
  10. Memo24’s responsibility
    To the extent not agreed otherwise in writing, Memo24.net guarantees that the Service shall be implemented to the best of its ability. However, the User acknowledges that for technical reasons, the availability and functioning of the Service cannot be guaranteed. Temporary limitations regarding the availability and the functioning of the Service shall not result in a right to claim damages of any kind. Memo24.net cannot guarantee that the Service will not be faulty, and will take efforts to correct reported faults and restore the Service as soon as possible. Memo24.net may temporarily suspend the Service or access to the website www.memo24.net in order to undertake maintenance. Memo24.net will endeavor to give a prior email notification for such Service suspension.
    Memo24 cannot be held liable in front of a legal court with respect to:
    • The improper or illegal use of the Service by the User.
    • Any prejudice (physical or financial) suffered by the User, a recipient, or any third party with respect to the voice reminders’ content and the use of the Service by Users.
    • Any technical failure that would cause a malfunction or a temporary unavailability of the Service due to Hardware or Software including, but not limited to, the unavailability of the website www.memo24.net and the Service, or the technical failure or unavailability of third parties’ services on which the Memo24 Service relies (such as the telecom operators).
  11. Intellectual Property
    The brand and logo Memo24 is a trademark owned by Memo24. Memo24 holds the intellectual property rights relating to the website www.memo24.net content and the Service. These intellectual property rights are not transferable. Accordingly, the User agrees not to infringe in any way the rights of intellectual property owned by Memo24.
  12. Force majeure
    Memo24.net may suspend the service in case of occurrence of an event beyond its control, or as a consequence of an action of a third party outside the control of Memo24.net.
  13. Contact information
    For any further inquiry, contact us at infomemo24.net.