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I started using the Memo24 service this past October to assist my Dad in remembering to take his medication while I was away on vacation...
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I'm glad I found Memo24 to help in reminding my 94 year old father to take his medication from a distance of 150 miles. It's an easy system to use, and a very reasonable price...
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Memo 24 is an outstanding service and has really provided me with the peace of mind of reminding my mother to take her medicines...
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Memo24 has given me part of my life back. Prior to discovering this service, I was calling my mother many times a day with reminders to go to meals and activities in her assisted living facility...
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How is Memo24 used


Global & Affordable

Call anywhere (countries list) to any number, starting from 10¢ per reminder.

Type or Record

Type your message (languages list) or record in your own voice.

Track & Alert

Monitor reminders executions and get realtime alerts.

About Us

Memo24 started off as a European initiative back in 2014 to promote active and healthy ageing. Memo24 was backed and funded by the EU FIWARE Acceleration Programme and the goal was to launch a service that was simple, reliable, and affordable. Today Memo24 is based in London and still strives at helping those with memory loss problems live better, healthier, and longer at home and ease their lives and the lives of those around them.
Memo24 started when its creator’s mother-in-law was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and started to forget to take her daily medication. She lives 300 miles away, and needed a simple and reliable solution to help her remember her pills. Electronic pill boxes and alarms were not an alternative as they were too intimidating for her to learn how to use them.
The solution was to use something she was already familiar with: her landline phone. That’s how Memo24 was born, a service that would at a given hour place a call to any phone number and play a pre-recorded message. This was a success and many more users followed. Memo24 not only provides a simple and reliable way to remind your loved ones to take their medication, but it also alerts you (by text or email) in case the phone was not picked up.
Today Memo24 is used globally and not only as a medication reminder service, but also to:
- Remember a doctor's appointment
- Set up a wake-up alarm
- Remember an event
- Remember a to-do task
- And much more...

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