How to record your message

At Memo24, we know that a familiar voice is always a comforting sign when someone hears your message. For this reason, when specifying a message you have the option to upload a recorded message instead of typing. Many of our users have asked us how to record a voice message. The answer is this simple and minimalist online voice recorder. Here are the steps to make your own recording:

  1. Go to AudioRecorder/index.html (might not work with all browsers, if that is the case try another browser such as Chrome or Firefox)
  2. Click on "Allow" to allow your browser to use your computer's microphone.
  3. To Start recording click on the large Microphone icon on the right.
  4. To Stop recording click on the large Microphone icon once more.
  5. Click on the "Download" image to save your recording on your computer. The recording will be saved in your "Downloads" folder.
  6. When adding a reminder on your memo24 dashboard, click on to upload your newly recorded reminder (your recording should be located in the "Downloads" folder).
Below is a screenshot of the steps described above.