Great initiatives for our elderly

Lately I came across these 2 great initiatives focused around improving the lives of our elderly that I wanted to share with you.


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1. The first one is about an initiative in Seattle, USA where they have put up a pre-school and a nursing home under the same building. It is amazing to see how the children and the elderly seem to enjoy and cherish their social interactions and the time spent together. A documentary film called “Perfect Present” was made where the day to day life in such a magic place is displayed to us.

According to Evan Briggs, the filmmaker, studies have shown that 43% of older adults experience social isolation, which is closely correlated with loneliness and depression as well as mental and physical decline.

If you would like to know more about this amazing initiative and the documentary behind it, then have a look at the movie’s website and its trailer by visiting


*: Photograph by Madeleine Sars, “the amazing dementia village”

2. The second initiative is about a “Dutch village where everyone has Dementia”. It is an open space residential area of approximately 160 residents. The village lies on the outskirts of Amsterdam in the small town of Weesp. The village looks like a regular village with its small town square, gardens, small shops, and post office. The difference is however, there are cameras monitoring the residents 24/7 and caregivers ready to intervene in any moment. The village also has one unique door in and out of town.

“The residents live with each other in lifestyle groups. They share similar interests and backgrounds. The decor, design and direct environment of the dwellings are adapted to suit each separate lifestyle”.

A similar village is now under construction in Rome, Italy. To know more about this initiative, visit

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  1. HI I am keen to see the dementia Village in Rome and the one in Hogeway in the Netherlands. I live in Melbourne Australia but will be in Europe from 1st August until the 18th August. It is important that I confirm the meetings in writing prior to 14th July when I leave Australia.
    Would you have any contact details of anyone I can get in touch with?
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Best regards

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