Recording your reminder message is finally here.

Hello everyone,

Today we are excited to introduce to you the long-awaited recording feature in Memo24.

From now on, when specifying your reminder’s message, you can either:

  1. Enter some text, or (and this is the novelty)
  2. Record a message in your own voice

We have added this feature following the request from many of our users who find that playing a message with a familiar voice would lead to a much greater acceptance of the service by the recipients of the reminders.

And indeed for example, for elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease hearing a voice which is not familiar can lead to the person to completely ignore the phone call medication reminder.

So, we are hoping that this new feature will greatly improve the usefulness of Memo24 and result in higher levels of medication adherence.


voice recording
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Telephone call reminder that saves lives

One of the latest features addition to Memo24 is the so called “SOS alert” feature.

The way it works is very simple, when adding your telephone call medication reminder, simply add an email address or a mobile phone number where you wanna get the SOS alert.


When such an alert is set, an email or an SMS* will be immediately sent in case the callee (i.e. the recipient of the reminder) did not pick up the phone after all call attempts.

In this scenario, one can think that may be something indeed went wrong with the person you care for, and receiving such an alert prompts you to take immediate action (such as trying to reach your loved one by other means or trying to call the neighbor and ask him/her to go and check up on your loved one).

That is why we think Memo24 SOS alerts can be very useful and even a life saver in some circumstances.

*: Email SOS alerts are always free and there is a nominal fee for sent SMS SOS alerts (check this link for pricing).

Your phone call reminders on your smartphone

telephone call remindersmedication reminders dashboard telephone reminders setup memo24 blog

Wanna edit one of your medication reminders, or may be you want to simply check your reminders execution history… But your not in front of your PC!

Well, no worries, you can access your account right from your smartphone or tablet and get access to the same beautifully looking dashboard and functionality you are used to.

The memo24 telephone reminder service website has been designed following the so called “Responsive Web Design” paradigm which ensures that the interface looks great and is user friendly on any display size be it a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop.

So, Happy phone call reminders settings from wherever you are 😊.